Deden Fathurrahman Sulaiman

visual communication designer + illustrator

Fathurisi, [fathur] + [ition] or [fathur] [is] [I], the name I found while I was driven by my youthful spirit. It’s about 9 years ago in my junior high school, while I was having a bunch of fun in playing with formulating words, dictions, etc - with my very friends. Now I do believe, that "visionary-name" has already been and has meant to be a 'brand' which is able to spread the 'art of design' atmosphere to the creative world.

My actual life could be seen as like something formal and superficial but at the same time is raging and colorfully exciting in fact. According to the typical form of my design works which is mostly constructive, it's clear also that I am a systematic but phylosophist thinker.

I am the youngest child of a religious family. Since my childhood, I used to and have participated in various competitions in the field of art. I have a diverse education background, started with regular state elementary school, religious-based junior high school, and private vocational school in the major of telecommunication - which had directed me to work in a telecommunication-provider company right after I graduated.

I took the Visual Communication Design study after a year as I resigned from the engineering job. I am a highly motivated person in pursuing my visionary goals, as I had done working and studying in an art & design course tutoring at the same time to prepare the incoming university entrance examination at the time.

I'm Into

But most of all, it's mainly about

The Idea Making



1st winner – Print-Ad / Poster Design Competition – Tjokro Art Contest, Sobat Tjokro Kongres Pemuda 2015 of Tjokroaminoto Movie, Jakarta


Big 50 Nomination – Reka Baru Desain Indonesia (RBDI), Jakarta

Favorite Participant – Konferensi Sarjana Desain (KSD), Semarang

Finalist – Wego Design Challenge of Promoting Indonesia, Jakarta

Highest GPA Graduates – Virasata Award, major of Industrial Product Design ITS, Surabaya


Big 46 Semifinalist – “Mukaku” for Shell Livewire Business Award 2013, Surabaya

Invited designers – PPKU [Program Pengembangan Kapasitas Usaha] DKV 2013 at Best Western Hotel, Jakarta

Nominee – most achieved student of ITS Heroes 2013, ITS, Surabaya


Most Favourite – Poster Design Competition, Gunnebo Indonesia & Binus Center, Jakarta

1st winner – Poster Design Competition, Peksiminas (National Student Art Week) in Mataram, Lombok

Best of the Best – "Mainanku Kreasiku" in Illustration Competition, Nirmana Award, fx Lifestyle X'nter, Jakarta

1st winner – "Mainanku Kreasiku" in Illustration Competition, Nirmana Award, fx Lifestyle X'nter, Jakarta

Shortlist – "Jiwawaka" in Illustration Competition, Nirmana Award, fx Lifestyle X'nter, Jakarta

1st winner – Poster Design Competition, Peksiminal (Regional Student Art Week) of East Java, Surabaya

2nd winner – Business Poster Competition, "Mukaku" as the Best Seller Product, Muslim Youth Millionaire (MYM) Conference, Jakarta

2nd winner, Comic/ Caricature Competition, ITB Fair 2012, Bandung

"Nonton Film Sedih" as 25 Semifinalists – Hellofest 8 - Anima Expo, Jakarta

2011 - 2004

2nd winner – Comic Competition, L.A Lights Campus Edutainment, Surabaya, 2011

2nd winner – Poster Design Competition, Postertation, Planologi ITS, Surabaya, 2011

Finalist – Game Development Competition, Gemastik 2010, Surabaya, 2010

1st winner – Poster Design Competition, PPNS ITS, Surabaya, 2010

1st winner – Comic Competition in Gelar Jepang 2009 at Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta, 2009

Winner of Wallpaper Design Competition Festi-File Bina Nusantara, Jakarta, 2008

3rd winner of Web Design Competition at SMK Telkom Shandy Putra, Jakarta, 2006

"2nd winner of Calligraphy Competition at SMK Telkom Shandy Putra, Jakarta, 2006

"1st winner of Calligraphy Competition at MTs. N 3 Jakarta, Jakarta, 2004

Conferences & Training

Invited Speaker
  • Speaker – Design that Awaken the World, TEDxITS - A BlasTED Idea, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS), Surabaya, 2014
  • Talkshow speaker of the Bright Future Ahead – exhibition of student’s final project of ITS Industrial Design Product major, Surabaya Town Square, Surabaya, 2014
  • Speaker, Finding Your Passion, SMK Telkom Sandhy Putra, Jakarta, 2014
  • Talkshow speaker of 1001 IDE: The Extinction Exhibition – exhibition of 1st year student in DKV major of ITS, Ciputra World, Surabaya, 2014
  • Guess Speaker of Paradesia – exhibiton of student’s final project of UNESA, Pakuwon Mall, Surabaya,2013
  • Guess Speaker – Medschool ITS – Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS), Surabaya, 2013
Conferences & Seminar
  • Leader of Indonesia Art & Culture Delegation, Jenesys 2.0 Program, Japan, 2013
  • Selected participant of Konferensi Sarjana Desain (Conference of Design Graduates) 2014, Unika Soegijapranata, Semarang, 2014
  • Invited participant of Little Big 10 2014, WIT Indonesia, Pullman Hotel, Jakarta, 2014
  • Selected designer of PPKU DKV 2013, Best Western Hotel, Jakarta, 2013
  • Invited participant of Seminar Nasional Pengembangan Ekonomi Kreatif berbasi Media, Desain &IPTEK, Garden Palace Hotel, Surabaya, 2013
  • Invited participant of Training of Trainer (ToT) DKV 203, Santika Hotel, Surabaya, 2013


  • April 2014DPAZL - The Book, Jakarta

    Writer & Founder
    DPAZL is a book (& soon: community,) my final project that infographically visualize the relation between consumerism of young adults and the secret societies.
    DPAZL was awarded as the Favorite Participant in Conference of Design Graduates (Konferensi Sarjana Desain) 2014 in Semarang
  • March 2014Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, Surabaya

    Bachelor Degree (S.T / B.Eng) - Cum Laude
    Majoring in Industrial Product Design, in field of Visual Communication Design course (DKV)
    GPA: 3.66 (range level: 1-4)
  • January 2014Artmagic Studio, Surabaya

    Teacher, art & drawing tutoring, Surabaya
    I was responsible to prepare the class as well as the topic. Teaching the student and approach to utilize their own personal ability. There is an evaluation at the end of the class
  • February 2013Caravan Studio, Jakarta

    Internship Painter
    I was assigned to color Baratayudha: a cartoony, 2D-styled comic about Indonesian traditional story of Baratayudha war. I was also working to color 3D alike illustrations. I learned how to manage the illustration process for the industry needs
  • September 2012Roundbox Communication, Jakarta

    Internship Graphic Designer
    I assigned to make illustrations, and handling some graphic design selection from Roundbox's main clients: Sinarmas Group & Telkom Indonesia. My company profile design was selected by Sinarmas Land, one of the largest property developer in Indonesia
  • June 2012Graphichapter, Surabaya

    Freelance/ Junior Graphic Design
    I was working to create design options for logo, branding, illustration and any related field of graphic design
  • April 2012Bunker Creative, Surabaya

    Freelance Graphic Designer
    I worked on various design field, such as concept art for TV-ads of Jember Fashion Carnaval, company profile of Kebab Turki Baba Rafi & TX Travel, and branding
  • January 2012Mukaku - face portraits, Jakarta

    Mukaku - face portraits is one of the big 46 semifinalist of Shell Livewire Business Award 2013, Surabaya, 2013. It's also selected as the the 2nd Best Seller Product of Muslim Youth Millionaire (MYM) Conference, Jakarta, 2012
  • June 2011Executive College: Sketch, Surabaya

    Teacher & Teacher Assistant
  • April 2010Deteksi of Jawapos, Surabaya

    I was assigned (in trial) to create the illustration of Sidet mascot for the newspaper column of Jawapos, the largest newspaper agency in Surabaya
  • July 2009Villa Merah, Jakarta

    Art & drawing tutoring for university exam preparation
  • July 2009AT&T Global, Jakarta

    Technical Support/ Helpdesk, PT. Sistelindo Mitralintas
  • December 2008AT&T Global, Jakarta

    Network Engineer, PT. Sistelindo Mitralintas
  • December 2008Telkom Indonesia, Jakarta

    Internship Engineer, PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia
  • June 2008SMK Telkom Shandy Putra, Jakarta

    Vocational School Student
    Majoring in Radio Network Access Engineering. Average National Exam (UN) score: 9.21 (range level: 1-10)
  • December 2007Warung Desain, Jakarta

    Freelance web designer
  • June 2005MTs. Negeri 3, Jakarta

    Islamic state junior high school student
  • June 2002SD Negeri Kp. Utan 1, Tangerang

    State elementary school student
  • May 1990Earth

    Human, the residence of earth